Your Go-To Summer Knit Shawl Pattern

As the warm breezes of summer beckon us outdoors, there’s no better time to indulge in a light, relaxing knitting project. During my recent visit to the charming Isager Yarn company in Denmark, I stumbled upon the perfect pattern for the seasonal summer (and not only!!!) knitting: an easy knit shawl that epitomizes summer elegance. This delightful pattern requires just two balls of Isager Alpaca 1 lace weight yarn, making it both an affordable and manageable project for knitters of all levels.


Shetland Wool Week and Islesbourgh Hat

A regular feature of the Shetland Wool Week is the release of a knitting pattern to promote the event. In previous years, I've always admired the fabulous patterns and had customers coming in to show off their versions. So, this year, I've upped my game and decided to knit the fabulous hat myself now, well in advance of the event.

What means GOTS Certificate

Here, at Timeless, I have been introducing more new sustainable yarns and there is something you might have noticed mentioned in yarn descriptions and might want more information on. I am talking about GOTS Certificates. 

In the world of sustainable yarn, the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) plays a crucial role. It ensures transparency and fair treatment throughout the production process, certifying everything from organic fibers to yarns. With GOTS certification, consumers can trust that they're supporting eco-friendly and ethically made products.

Embroidery on Knits book by Judit Gummlich

Embroidery on Knits is a superb guide to contemporary embroidery and stitching with wool, explaining every step of the process from planning to finished project. It is a source of inspiration and knowledge for crafty beginners and savvy stitchers alike.

Cozy Luxury from Scotland: Unveiling the Eribe Corry Range Deep V Neck Sweater

Hallo all wool enthusiasts and fellow Eribe sweater lovers! I'm so thrilled to introduce you to the latest new sweater that's been keeping me dreaming about sweater weather. This beauty will definitely keep you stylish and snug as transition into the colder season starts. It's the brand new Deep V Neck Sweater from the Eribe Corry range, proudly crafted in the heart of Scotland using 100% Merino Lambswool.


Why Eribe Knitwear is great for tall girls

As a tall girl myself, I have most of my life been looking for garments which fit. Most of the times I have been very disappointed with offerings in the high street stores. I was so excited when I got first delivery from Eribe Knitwear a few years ago now and found that the lovely sweaters and cardigans do fit me:-)

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