Our Suppliers

I would like to introduce you to our selected suppliers of the have carefully chosen to represent in our shop in Tiverton as well, as on our website. It has taken me some time to select them not only for their brand names, but products,  quality, their manufacturing credentials, environmental impacts and much more. Plus I think it is important to have suppliers, you can rely on, you love working with and with their support will do everything to ensure my small business can thrive. Here I would like to give you a bit more information about the most important of them like lovely Scottish brand Eribe, Danish yarn supplier Isager, family owned yarn company located in Uruguay and Paraguay - Malabrigo and more. 

I find it quite interesting that most of my suppliers now, without me making conscious decisions, are family owned businesses or owned by women! Like I say, it definitely was not conscious decision. It just has happened organically. Those of you who have been my customers over some time in the shop or online, know that lately I have ditched a couple of what you would call 'big brands' in favour of the smaller suppliers and I think the shop is more interesting and colourful with that.

Eribe Knitwear 

Isager Yarn

Malabrigo Yarn

Knitting for Olive