Here I will try to answer your frequently asked questions about yarn and knitting related, information about our latest products, questions about Eribe sweaters and cardigans. Some answers to practical questions.Yes.... I know .. the word 'practical' makes me go to sleep, but when one needs to know one needs to know!

5 Reasons Why I Prefer Wool

There are many reasons why I prefer wool to man-made fibres in hand knitting yarns, clothing like sweaters, cardigans and all other fabrics.

Here are five of the most important reasons for me.

The question - Which knitting needles are best for beginners is one asked often in the shop. There is no simple answer to it as needles should match your yarn and item you are planning to knit, not the person who will be knitting it. 

So before I can answer, I need to ask questions - what will you be knitting? I will always suggest to start with simple scarf or maybe even just knitting squares, which can later be made into cushion or blanket (if you have been industrious:-), or even scarf. I know that you are inspired with all the beautiful patterns and colours. Most of the time it is the complicated items which you like most. But, start small before getting big. By that I do not mean knitting something you do not like, just choose wisely.

For absolute adult beginner in knitting and the first project I  suggest to choose aran/worsted weight or chunky weight yarn and yarn with good stitch definition, so you can see what you are doing. Do not go for fluffy yarn as it is sometimes difficult to see the stitches and difficult to unpick. 

Now I can actually answer the question - which needles! Choose the needles according to your yarn's ball band!  For Aran weight it will be 4.5-5mm and chunky yarn 6-6.5 mm. All reputable yarns will have their recommendations on the ball band or in the yarn info if buying online. That way you have a chance to achieve good result. If the yarn does not match the needles, you can have very tight or loose knitting and as a beginner you will want to know is it you who is knitting to tight or to loose, or your yarn and needle combo is not actually helping you at all.

Now straight needles of circulars? Once you will progress, you will develop your favourites, but to start I would suggest just get a pair of straight needles

Metal needles or wood/bamboo. I personally find wood / bamboo needles much more pleasant to handle and knit with. They feel much lighter in the hands and are not as clickety as metal knitting needles. Once you get going with your knitting, you will know what I mean by clickety knitting needles... But please, do not be put off metal needles by my preferences! Try all the possible ones you can get your hands on to make your own informed choices for future.

To summarise - as a beginner go for a simple project (scarf or squares for cushion/blanket). Get the yarn which inspires you, buy it not fluffy in Aran or Chunky weight and match your pair of straight wood/bamboo needles to the yarn.