Which wool is good for knitting socks

To make the right choice of the sock yarn, you need to consider how and where you are planning to wear the socks. You need different durability from yarn meant for bed socks and yarn meant for socks you plan to wear in your boots on walks to the woods. For durable boot socks you might need the yarn with at least 20% nylon content as they tend to be more robust than let’s say 100% alpaca wool. Socks with 100% natural fibres could wear out easier and be more suitable for light wear.

Our most popular sock yarns in the shop are 4ply sock yarns, but  you of course can knit in socks in all the yarn thicknesses.

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Here is link to my youtube tutorials for to knit sock without pattern. You will need to scroll down the video chat to the last 10-15 minutes as I did the tutorials during my live Lockdown youtube sessions.