Knitting patterns I love

If you are anything like me, you might have the same problem as me - so many fabulous knitting patterns I want to knit and so little time! And I am not even talking about choosing yarns....
Here I would like to share with you shortlist of patterns from my very long list of " i will knit this one day"  and my personal favourite designers. I am letting you into my personal knitting wishlist :-)


Shetland Wool Week and Islesbourgh Hat

A regular feature of the Shetland Wool Week is the release of a knitting pattern to promote the event. In previous years, I've always admired the fabulous patterns and had customers coming in to show off their versions. So, this year, I've upped my game and decided to knit the fabulous hat myself now, well in advance of the event.

I have finished my Pearls Jumper by Helga Isager
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I had to share the news with you. I have finished my Pearls jumper by Helga Isager and I am absolutely thrilled with the result. This was the jumper I did fall in love when I first visited Isager yarns stand at the trade show a few years ago and Helga was wearing it. I had a jumper envy straight away.