NORO Yarns

Noro Yarns, including the renowned Noro Silk Garden and Noro Sock yarn, originate from Japan's scenic landscapes, reflecting Eisaku Noro's profound connection to nature.

Inspired by nature's vibrant hues, Noro yarns like Silk Garden offer a spectrum of colours evoking sunflowers, bark, and wildflowers, reminiscent of maple leaves and the sky.

Crafted from natural fibers such as wool, silk, and mohair, Noro yarns maintain a tactile link to nature. Sourced from certified organic farms worldwide, Noro ensures fiber integrity from farm to final product. Noro prioritises eco-friendly dyeing methods to achieve rich colours while reducing environmental impact.

yarns are handspun and minimally processed, retaining their natural essence. Texture variations and irregularities celebrate the beauty of imperfection—a core aspect of Noro's cultural philosophy.

Eisaku Noro's approach to crafting yarns reflects Japan's tradition of valuing nature's diversity, evident in every skein.