Fyberspates began its journey back in early 2005, when finding hand-dyed yarn in the UK was like searching for a needle in a haystack. Drawn by the vibrant colors of American yarns online, they scoured the web for UK alternatives, finding only a handful. With a lifelong love for textiles and a knack for crafting, creating clothes was more than a hobby—it was a passion.

As the business grew, it became clear that backyard yarn production wouldn't cut it for supplying shops and loyal customers. Thus, Scrumptious was born—a step into commercial yarn production that opened new doors. But the pull of hand-dyed roots remained strong. Enter Vivacious—a return to the dreamy colors that sparked the founder's passion.

Their journey took them to South America, where language barriers were bridged with sign language to share dyeing techniques. The result? The vibrant Vivacious and Gleam ranges, adding even more color to their palette.

Their evolution continued with Cumulus—a soft blend of alpaca and silk, a departure from their usual offerings but a welcome addition. Collaboration has always been key for Fyberspates, partnering with designers to introduce new yarns and patterns. From Coopknits Socks Yeah to Nua Sport and Nua Worsted, each collaboration adds its own flavour.