I have finished my Pearls Jumper by Helga Isager

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I have finished my Pearls Jumper by Helga Isager

I had to share the news with you. I have finished my Pearls jumper by Helga Isager and I am absolutely thrilled with the result. This was the jumper I did fall in love when I first visited Isager yarns stand at the trade show a few years ago and Helga was wearing it. I had a jumper envy straight away.... see the photo below..

The ongoing joke is that this was a reason I started stocking Isager yarns in the shop, just the way to get my hands on this... The truth is even Martin (my other half and absolutely no knitter) did point out that Isager yarns that year had the most interesting, exciting, different and most pleasure to speak with stand. But that is back than.

Now back to my jumper. It did take me a couple years to finally fulfil my dream. The most difficult part was to choose the colour as there are so many colours I love. The first was to choose Spinni yarn and than add Alpaca 1. Those of you who know me, will know I do not do brown and pink. Nothing wrong with it, but I just find it difficult to make myself to put it in the projects. Blue and green is normally my choice. However, I did settle for Red...I used Burned Red Alpaca 1 and bright red Spinni in colour 32 Red . Below I have put some pictures of my other colour considerations.
Than there was a challenge to have enough yarn in stock to put aside for my jumper. Every time delivery came in, I sold part of it and there was not enough left for myself... I thought it would be to selfish to tell customers they cannot have it as it is for MY jumper :-) . So finally in October last year I ordered my jumper yarn as there was feeling in the air about  COVID Lockdown coming again. So I started my jumper beginning of November and it has taken me up until now to finish. Mind you, there were a few other bits and pieces done in between. I must admit that somewhere about the time I did the back and was in the middle of the front, I did nearly gave up as the pattern is slow. There are bobbles to make every 6 stitches in every other row... I was forever making bobbles... I think this is where other projects come in and help, because one day when I just do not feel like making bobbles,I do something else. Than in a couple days I come back to my bobbles and enjoy it again.

Yes it has taken its time, but I am so pleased with result!  It is true Isager style with so much attention to detail, everything lines up. I love how the ribbing on the sleeves goes up to meet the lines of bobbles. Sorry, they are pearls!  The fit is perfect and I cannot wait to show it off in the shop. The colour is gorgeous as my Burned Red Alpaca 1 has muted down the bright red Spinni in colour 32 Red .
One advice - if you want to Instagram or use your knitting for photos, do not knit red!!! It is nearly impossible to make the colour to look good or near true in photos.

And now here is my new fabulous Pearls by Helga Isager.


Here are a couple of my other colour combinations I was contemplating:

1. Spinni 16 - Blue Green + Alpaca 1 colour 16 Marine Blue


 2. Spinni 2s Light Grey + Alpaca 1 colour 1E0











13 March 2021  |  14:31

Congratulations on finishing the jumper. It looks amazing!!