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Shetland Wool Week and Islesbourgh Hat

A regular feature of the Shetland Wool Week is the release of a knitting pattern to promote the event. In previous years, I've always admired the fabulous patterns and had customers coming in to show off their versions. So, this year, I've upped my game and decided to knit the fabulous hat myself now, well in advance of the event.

Introducing Isager's New Boucle Yarn: Pure Alpaca Softness

Introducing Isager's new Boucle Yarn: Pure Alpaca Softness!

Hello yarn friends! Today, after my holidays I am absolutely thrilled to share some exciting news with you. Isager has just launched its latest creation: the fabulous Boucle yarn made entirely from 100% Alpaca! Prepare to be wrapped in pure alpaca softness and texture!