Shetland Wool Week and Islesbourgh Hat

I'm sure many of you knitters have heard about Shetland Wool Week, which has been held once a year for over 15 years now. Where? Of course, in Shetland! I haven't had the chance to visit Shetland yet, let alone during Wool Week, but it's definitely on my bucket list.

Shetland Wool Week has been running for 15 years, with the main aim of promoting the rich heritage of the Shetland textile industry. It encompasses everything from rural farming to the manufacturing of wool, and from intricate weaving to skilful knitwear design. This year, in 2024, Shetland Wool Week will be held from Sunday 29th September to Saturday 5th October.

A regular feature of the Shetland Wool Week is the release of a knitting pattern to promote the event. In previous years, I've always admired the fabulous patterns and had customers coming in to show off their versions. This year the pattern is called Islesbourgh Toorie Hat and it is that traditional Fair Isle beanie I have been asked for a lot in the shop. So, this year, I've upped my game and decided to knit the fabulous hat myself now, well in advance of the event. I thought it would be a perfect project for the BC Garn Bio Shetland yarn, which I've just ordered for the shop. Now, the only challenge is to choose the colours from the 40 available!

Before I delve into my colour choices, I thought I'd better provide all the links for you to access the Islesburgh Toorie hat pattern and read about the Shetland Wool Week patrons for 2024 – The Doull Family. Just head over to the official Shetland Wool Week website to get all the information first hand.

Now, my colour choices! As you can see from the photo, I opted for the greeny blue theme with contrasting bark brown and orange. I think, it should work out nicely as I do like how the warm brown and orange contrasts with the turquoise blue shades. Will add my finished hat pics later.

The fabulous Islesbourgh Toorie hat :

For now here are my colours:

Main colour BC Garn Bio Shetland 16 and then Bio Shetland 12, Bio Shetland 13, Bio Shetland 37, Bio Shetland 05.

All what is left to say - Happy knitting!