Eribe Knitwear 2022 - 2023 explained

Why choose ERIBÉ Knitwear for the new season? 

The key trends for 2022 and 2023 continues to focus on the importance of natural fibres, sustainability, slow fashion, colour and the authenticity of a brand’s purpose and story.

  • ERIBÉ is a genuine artisan brand and strives to create handcrafted knitwear that lasts; a contemporary take on the vintage nostalgia evoked by timeless classic Scottish design that brings joy to every wearer. Eribe knits that favourite jumper!
  • Eribe's  colourful knitwear and accessories are in demand. The new collection helps women and men fulfil their desire for unique self expression through creative designs that truly stand out.
  • Slow fashion and sustainability are at the heart of what Eribe do. The products are designed to last and never go out of style. All garments are hand crafted using only the finest quality sustainable 100% Lambswool.
  • Unrivalled collections offer a variety of weights and different colourways to suit global preferences and skin-tones. Every ERIBÉ style is available in multiple colourways and helps you to mix and match to create a unique outfit.


New sizing for Alpine Short Range and Westray Vests

New season comes with improved sizing - the styles altered from previous season are Westray Vests and Alpine Short styles. Vestray Vests have now become slightly roomier, not as shaped in waist and Alpine Short Sweaters and Cardigans have become slightly roomier around sholder/ top of the arm.

For your convenience here is full chart with actual garment measurements for all Eribe knitwear styles we stock. What does actual garment measurements mean? It means I have measured a garment in each style and size and this chart lets you know exactly that. No more guessing which size to get. This chart should help you to find the right fit as everyone has own preferences, some like looser and more relaxed fit, some prefer more figure hugging fit. plus the measurements vary from one style to an other.

How to use this Eribe Sizing Chart. First measure your favourite sweater or cardigan (if you have one which fits the way you like). Lay your garment flat and first measurement is across the chest from armhole to armhole. The other measurement you will need is length of the back. I have not included sleeve length in the chart as all Eribe styles have very generous sleeve length (I am saying it as a tall person!) with option to fold over the cuff. 

Please allow a small tolerance, like +/- 2cm. I have tried to be as accurate as possible with my measurements, but as all garments are hand finished there can be small variations.

If your desired garment and size is not in the chart, that means I just had not had a garment in my hand to measure.

Style Size
Chest Back Length Chest Back Length Chest Back Length Chest Back Length Chest Back Length Chest Back Length Chest Back Length
Alpine Sweater Short     50cm 53cm 52cm 56cm 54cm 59cm 56cm 60cm        
Alpine Sweater     50cm 58cm 52cm 60cm 54cm 63 cm            
Alpine Cardigan Short     49cm 53cm 51cm 55cm 52cm 58cm 54cm 59cm        
Alpine Cardigan     48cm 58cm 50cm 60cm 52cm 63cm            
Alpine Breeze Sweater                     56cm 60cm 61cm 69 cm
Westray Cardigan                            
Westray Vest     46cm 56cm 49cm 58cm 53cm 62cm            


Here are great videos with Rosemary Eribe showing you latest styles and colours.

2022 Introduction to ERIBÉ Collection from ERIBÉ Knitwear .