We are now TIMELESS!!!

TIMELESS - YARN, BEAD AND ANTIQUE SHOP IN TIVERTON Previously Tiverton Bead and Wool Shop.

I would like to announce that long waited transformation is happening today and from from 1st October 2021 we will be know as Timeless! 

First thing first for those of you who been my loyal customers over years! Nothing has changed in terms of who owns the place or who runs it - it is still me and myself! laugh The name has been changed for it to become more relevant to the business and reflect the changes is the shop.

  • If you are one of our loyal knitting customers, please do not worry, the change in the name or posher way of saying is rebranding will not have any affect on you! I will still be stocking and always looking out for lovely quality wools for you.
  • If you are one of dying breed of beaders, than there will be some changes for you - the Miyuki Seed beads are to stay, so are the findings, threads and other bits required for beading and bead stringing. However, there will be a massive reduction of bead strands, mixes and general quantity of pressed glass beads. So follow the Bead Clearance Category as there are lots of joblots coming as I will be clearing and working through the stockroom. I have not been making this decision lightly, it is the fact that there are not enough of you, who buy beads to sustain the space they are allocated in the shop.

Now to more exciting news! It has been long wait for this change. It should have happened last year when we had 10th Birthday of the shop, but of course I was not able to organise a proper Big Bang Birthday Party last year. The plan was to do it properly this year, but again it still does not feel right to have the shop packed with everybody having prosecco and party. I still feel we need to be a bit on the cautious side with crowds.

Sooo... there we are quietly transformed from Tiverton Bead and Wool Shop to Timeless with new added beautifully crafted, mindfully made and uncompromising quality products in all categories.