Scarf pattern for Rico Merino Fine Fine and Baby Alpaca Silk

If you love this new trend of adding fluffy yarn like Kid Silk or Baby Alpaca Silk to base yarn and knitting with 2 yarns together, you will for sure love this combination of Rico Merino Fine Fine and Rico Baby Alpaca Loves Silk combination. It is just so fabulously soft! 

To give you a chance to try out the yarn combination without committing to larger project, I have adapted pattern from in Rico book Top Down Knitting Special 2 and below I have made suggestions on yarn quantities you will need depending on the length of the scarf.

The pattern is for a scarf approx. 23cm/ 9 inches wide. 

The yarn is used one strand each knitted together throughout.

1 ball of Merino Fine Fine +1 ball Baby Alpaca Loves Silk will make 63-65cm/25 inches long. If you wish to make approx. 120 -130cm / 50 inches long scarf you will need 2 balls of each yarn. 3 balls of each yarn will make approx. 180cm/ 70 inches long scarf.


Cast on 54 sts with 4mm needles.

k- knit, p- purl.

Row 1 - knit to last stitch, slip last stitch with yarn in front.

Row 2 - k1, p1, *k2. p1* repeat * to * until last stitch, slip last stitch with yarn in front.

Cast off when desired length achieved.