Reusable Cotton Pads!

These little crochet cotton pads are not my idea, but I can't believe I have not thought about it myself before! We are all now looking for re-usable products and to reduce waste.  These little crochet beauties hit all the points! I have done our cotton pads in Rico Creative Cotton Aran print as I had some leftovers from an other project. The yarn is machine washable, you can use it and at the end of the week just pop into washing machine with the rest of the washing!

It has taken me just under 10 minutes to make one (including weaving in ends!!) and approximately 2.5g of the yarn! One ball of 50g in theory should make you 20 pads!

The pattern I used is here - in magic loop crochet 6DC and join the round with slip st into first DC.

Round 2 - CH 1, 2dc into each DC (12 stithes), join with slip stitch.

Round 3 -ch 1, 2dc into each st (24 stitches), join with slip stitch.

Round 4 - ch1, 1 dc into each st. Join with slip stich. Done!

Will experiment with other yarns and will let you know!

Watch our YouTube tutorial here